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How to project an apartment or a house to make the space more convenient and comfortable?

How to choose furniture and materials if the market offers such diversified assortment nowadays?

How How to place furniture without being tangled in small details and how to plane renovations in time?

These questions are likely to worry you if you are getting ready for renovations.

Our  bureau will help you to meet all the challenges step-by-step and without worrying.

We really appreciate  Time and offer works instead of words becouse only dust has no terms.

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About balance joiner’s shop

«…This wardrobe is good, but I wish it was narrower…and higher and in other color – the same color as the dresser…I know which wardrobe I want, but it’s difficult to find it and I have no time…I want this wardrobe to be different from the ones that others own.…»


The finished furniture doesn’t always suit in all the parameters, that is why a resort to the joiner’s shop is often an integral part of an interior designer’s work besides his/her own one. All the objects made up within the frameworks of an interior design project will be elaborated, manufactured and installed at the joiner’s shop of “The very serious bureau”.


If you need a furniture item and you already have an interior design project just come and we will work only at the furniture.

If you have designed everything yourself and you need only production work – welcome! Each idea has the right to be realized.

If you are a designer you should certainly join us as we are always glad to work with creative people. Joiner’s shop specializes in manufacturing of exclusive joiner’s items made either of valuable wood species or combined wood species.

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So started the event…Design project components



  1. acquaintance with a customer and an object, conclusion of a contract;
  2. on-site visit for making measurements;
  3. eaboration of a planning concept (including a furniture and equipment arrangement plan);

After the customer confirms the first stage, a set of drawings is elaborated

  1. measurement plan;
  2. plan of the separation walls to be demolished (if needed);
  3. plan of the separation walls to be raised, with the sizes (according to the confirmed planning concept);
  4. furniture and equipment arrangement plan with sizes and squares



  • 3D visualization of the room;
  • finish materials selection;
  • furniture and accessories selection

After having confirmed the second stage, the customer receives a sketch in printed and in digital formats.



At this stage all the necessary working construction documentation is prepared.

  • floor covering plan;
  • underfloor heating plan;
  • ceilings plan, taking downgrading and decoration into account;
  • lamps layout;
  • switches layout;
  • sockets and home appliance layout;
  • door assembly plan;
  • room development drawingspecifying finish materials and their quantity;
  • elaboration of individual furniture items.

At the end of work you will receive 2 albums with the whole interior design project in printed format.Example of working construction documentation



We will not leave you face-to-face with the project realization. We would be happy to recommend you the maintenance staff and look after the renovation within the frameworks of designer supervision. The designer will always be beside if you have ordered furniture at our joiner’s shop, she will make drawings, sketches and help you to confirm the color and the design.



Decoration of the project, textile and accessories selection. For some projects we make unique designer decoration.

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2 persons got into conversation...

from 1000 rubles\m²
  • Measurement and photographic fixation of the object.
  • Planing solutions (2 options)
  • Layot of outlets, lighting and swiches
from 2000 rubles\m²
  • Measurement and photographic fixation of the object.
  • Planing solutions (3 options)
  • Final plan of furniture arrangement
  • 3d rendering of the main premises (except closets, dressing rooms)
  • Working documentation: a complete package of drawings.
  • Online selection of materials, equipment, furniture, accessories + visits of the designer.
from 2500 rubles\m²
  • Measurement and photographic fixation of the object.
  • dsaPlaning solutions (5 options)dsad
  • Final plan of furniture arrangement
  • 3D visualization of all rooms.
  • Working documentation: a complete package of drawings + drawings of complex nodes and authoring developments.
  • Visits designer for the selection of materials, furniture and accessories.

Just remember that everything can be agreed upon. If you are interested only in some of the services that we provide do not hesitate to contact us!

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Interior design — 8(903)251-62-95 Polina Zorina

Interior design — 8(926)322-88-57 Evgeniya Vovk

Joiner’s shop — 8(903)554-20-94 Sergey Turchin

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